Providence, RI

Nov 20 | $47

The Main Event

Providence Bruins, AHL Hockey

After Midnight Events

These venues will make the excitement last all night. We don’t call it the best all-night evangelistic event for nothing!


Classic fun mixed with great music and tons of prizes, games, and competitions.

  • Unlimited bowling
  • Engaging program all evening
  • Challenges
  • Giveaways
  • Games


Classic fun mixed with great music and tons of prizes, games, and competitions.

  • Skate rental included
  • Engaging program all evening
  • Competitions
  • Prizes
  • Games
  • Laser Tag (additional cost)
  • Arcade (additional cost)

X-treme Gym

Some of the most intense and amazing activities packed together under one giant roof.

  • Battle Balls
  • Inflatables
  • Dodge ball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Archery Tag

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Event Details

PDF’s and important information for this specific Reverb event.

Contact Person

Do you have questions about this specific Reverb event? Just call or Email the specific contact person below.

Dwight Willard


Tickets and Prices

Purchase tickets before the dates below to secure the best price for your group.

Leaders Tickets

All leaders tickets are discounted $10 from above prices.


How do I add tickets?

Just click on any “Buy Tickets” button and you will be taken to the Reverb registration page. Make sure you enter the same group name in the process and the tickets you order will be added to your current number.

Can I buy at the door?

Groups may not be added at the door! Additions to PRE-REGISTERED groups are allowed under the following conditions:

  • Tickets are still available.
  • The group leader has called and communicated with us prior to your arrival.

Is there a cost for parking?

Cost for parking is as follows:

  • Cars – $8-$15 in parking garage
  • Vans –$8-$15 in parking garage
  • Bus –special lot free of charge

Are there places for drivers to sleep?

We recommend that you have a hotel room for drivers to sleep or have two drivers, one to transport your group during the night (taking naps in between venues) and another who will drive your group home. None of the venues have any places setup to sleep.

Where do I pick tickets up?

You will pick up a registration packet at the Arena on the night of the event at the Reverb Registration area.

Can students/leaders bring food items into the arena?

The Center does not allow any food or drink to be brought into the arena.

Can a student/leader come late or after the game?

You will need to have someone meet them at the entrance and give them a ticket to get in to the building during the game. Word of Life staff will not be able to assist with this. All students must arrive prior to the message.

Are there scholarships for unsaved students and how do I get them?

Call Dwight Willard at 860.377.0848 for availability.