Word of Life Reverb is one night packed with tons of fun and excitement, but the Gospel is the reason we put on this event.  With this fun event we win a hearing in order to give people an opportunity to make a decision for Christ. The video here is the message we will be sharing during the rally. As you prepare for Reverb, emphasize with your students the opportunity they have to bring an unsaved friend to a great event. Our prayer is to see many people come to know God at Reverb. 

If you are a Christian, come and enjoy, but invite somone who needs to hear the Gospel. Their eternity is at stake!

If you are not a Christian, please come and enjoy your time! Bring friends because it really is a good time. We want you to know, during the rally, we’ll be sharing the Gospel for about 15 minutes and giving people a chance to talk with someone about it and pray with them. After that, we will move on to all the activites of the night.

This video is the message our speaker will be sharing.



This is a basic timeline of the night of Reverb. Walk through this at the beginning of your training meeting so those counseling with get a basic flow of the night.


All counselors will check in at the Reverb Counselors table to get a counselor’s name badge for each person who will has been trained.

Student counselors have a different name badge. The exit coordinator has been instructed to make sure they have only one on one counseling.

Student counselors are not obligated to counsel and may assist an adult counselor who wishes to use this as an opportunity to for further training.

The Counselors Meeting

There will be a counselors meeting during the first break at hockey or half time basketball games.

During this meeting we will pray, meet the speaker and go over last minute details for the counseling.

If it is a counselor’s first time counseling we would like them to be in this meeting.

Directions to the location will be given at registration.

Pre-Message Position

The Counseling video will give instructions on the details of where your leaders need to be positioned but encourage them to pay special attention to these points in the video. You will want to be sure that they are clear on this point.

Students should remain in the arena and seek to position themselves next to those who are unsaved if possible.

After the Gospel Invitation

At the end of the invitation all counselors should head to the exits to make sure they are not needed.

Recruiting Counselors

Make a list of adults and key students that you would like to invite to come to the counselor meeting.

Announce your counselor training meeting date and time in church and youth group and promote the meeting.

In youth group – recruit all your student leaders or those you see have potential to be student leaders. Say something like, “I look at you as a person who has leadership potential. We have some training coming up that will help you grow in your leadership, counseling at the Word of Life Reverb Night. You will only have one student to counsel or you can sit with me the first year and see how I do it. Would you consider coming to the training to be trained.”

To your leadership team – make sure they understand how vital this training is to the success of the event. Say something like this, “we need you to be at this meeting because we have an expectation of all of our leaders to be able to counsel a student who has trusted Christ”.

In church – ask the pastor to share that it is the goal of WOL to have one on one counseling at the event. We only need them to attend 1-1/2 hours on the night of the event and one hour to attend the training meeting. This is a great mission outreach to the lost students of our community.

Preparation for Meeting

Announce the time and date of your training in church and youth group for 4 weeks.

Download the Counselor Training Video to your computer or be sure you have a good internet connection where ever you are having the meeting.

Watching the Counseling Video and as you do go through the make notes for your meeting regarding those things you would like to emphasis.

Download and print the Counselor Training Student Notes for your meeting. This is designed to be used along with the Superbowl Counselor Training Video. It will help reinforce the key elements from the video.

Download the Counseling Reference Card and print it on card stock. This is a designed to assist those talking with someone who responds to a Gospel invitation.

Make sure you have a good place to show the video on a large screen and with good sound.

Pray for God to use this training to prepare your team of counselors.

Counselor Training Meeting

  • Plan for a 1 hour meeting.
  • Pray to open the meeting.
  • Walk through the basic timeline of the Reverb Night event.
  • Hand out the Counselor Training Student Notes, Counseling Reference Cards, and pens.
  • Watch the Counseling Video.Make sure you have watch the video before the meeting and go through the Counseling Student Notes page. This will help you to know where you want to make special emphasis with your group.IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you download the YouTube video with a resource like FreeMake or RealPlayer. Having the video on your computer will ensure there will not be lags in the playing of it due to slow internet.
  • Instruct attendees to fill out the student page during the video and then walk through this with them after the video is completed.
  • Practice One-on-One CounselingHave students pair up with someone else to practice going through the counseling process covered in the video and on the Counseling Reference Card.Have them work through it several times so they are familiar with the process.
  • Pray for the event and for your students as they seek to invite the lost.


  • As you do this training each year you will always have people prepared for any evangelistic event you have.
  • Encourage those who are experienced in counseling to come to the training as well. They will benefit as you go through this process again as a tune up to sharpen them for Reverb.
  • Never assume that because a student is in Bible College that they are trained in counseling.
  • Encourage anyone who will be counseling with your group to attend the training meeting.



Counseling Reference Card

This is a small card designed to assist those talking with anyone who responds to a Gospel invitation.


Counselor Training Student Notes

This page is designed to be used along with the Superbowl counselor training video. It will help reinforce the key elements from the video.


Decision Slip

This is the decision slip that will be used during the counseling time at Reverb. Use this as a reference during your Counselor Training Meeting.

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